Our Vision

A pioneering march, encouraging the birth of a global human society, where values reign and individuals enjoy justice and human dignity.

Our Mission

Humanitarian and inspiring abilities, extending hope and working to establish a new reality, where noble endeavors integrate, and where individuals possess a cosmic consciousness and sublime knowledge, and dedicate their abilities to achieve sustainable human development.

Our Objectives

  1. Creating an enlightened humane oriented culture to enhance social justice and sustainable development.
  2. Empowering individuals to unleash their human potentials and believe in it, to uplift themselves and their communities.
  3. Enhancing cosmic consciousness and disseminating supreme knowledge for the good of humanity and the natural resources.
  4. Establishing and promoting partnerships and alliances to integrate expertise efforts to achieve human development.

“The Woman” Program Goals

  1. Enabling women to value their self-worth, and potential capabilities to enhance their ability to influence and make change.
  2. Spreading the culture of peace and promoting the role of women in peacemaking and peace-building.
  3. Strengthening women’s leadership capacities within a value-centered ethical leadership framework.
  4. Establishing an enlightened humane culture to enhance fair perception to women and promote their essential role in renaissance of nations.

“Be Free” Program Goals

  1. Helping children and adolescents to protect themselves and build values-based characters.
  2. Instilling values of peace partnership and human interaction with others to achieve individual and societal development.
  3. Contributing to change the negative perception of the disabled to themselves and how others perceive them, to enhance their self-value and humanitarian role
  4. Providing support and building partnerships with parents, and specialists to achieve qualitative development for child and adolescent issues.

“Environmental Citizenship” Program Goals

  1. Enabling individuals becoming cosmic citizens and adopting best practices to contribute in developing all cosmic resources.
  2. Enhancing peace within oneself, others and the nature to encourage respect, tolerance, and cooperation among the society.
  3. Disseminating and promoting values-based environmental awareness to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

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