Al Baharna among 100 prominent women figures

Al Baharna among 100 prominent women figures

Dr.Wajeeha Al Baharna was chosen by Women’s Equality and Spirituality Initiative (WISE) among 100 prominent and effective women in the Arabic and Islamic world.

Choosing her was against the effective role she had. Trying to achieve the Bahrain Women Association- for human development (BWA) goals and enhancing the women role within the society, along with being a member in many Boards of Trustees and other organizations in Bahrain and abroad, participating in many conferences. Conducting lectures discussing women related topics and issues locally, regionally and internationally.

What’s worth mentioning here that (WISE) is an initiative which seeks to achieve an international campaign to cohesion Muslim’s women, seeking to reach her rights in full according to Islamic rules and empower her to make take the right choices which are best for her and to make her contribute heavily in establishing a better and fair society.

Willingly, the initiative wants to focus on Muslim’s women achievements which contributed in structuring our societies in the past and how it’s today taking a major role in this aspect. It raised the 100 Muslim’s women guide as a way to discover those women to be like an archive that can grow and to be added on by different effective women like scientists, activists, writers, politicians, artists, religious leaders, spirituals and civil society’s leaders. 

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