“All the change begin with a decision” A paper presented by BWA In the Twelfth Conference of Al Zahraa cultural forum in Dammam

“All the change begin with a decision” A paper presented by BWA In the Twelfth Conference of Al Zahraa cultural forum in Dammam

In exceptional weather conditions of flooding rains in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Twelfth annual conference of Al Zahraa cultural forum was organized in Dammam on February 17, 2017 with the theme “Life .. multiple options and deliberate decisions”, which focuses on building a knowledge-based society by taking the appropriate decisions for the advancement of the educational process. BWA for Human Development participated with a paper titled “All the change begin with a decision”, the paper focused on how decisions are made, which starts with information gathering, then listing all challenges, then examining all available options and finally selecting the most appropriate decision. The paper also touched upon the importance of consulting the subject matter experts and also referring back to practices of historical reformers and leaders. The paper concluded with how to commit to the decisions taken through devotion, follow-up, inspection and examination to ensure the achievement of the desired goals.

The conference was distinguished by many youth volunteer participants who take upon themselves the mission of society development to build a promising future for themselves and for the coming generations, as they culminate the bad weather conditions to affirm their determination and their capability to achieve the desired change.

Since Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are similar in terms of social culture and governmental procedures and mechanisms,  and driven by the sense of responsibility towards participating in building a strong and cohesive society capable of facing problems and guiding their people toward a secure future, the conference came up with a number of recommendations of interest to all parties in the GCC countries, the most important are as follows:

  • Holding religious, cultural and social institutions responsible for raising people’s awareness of the importance of getting trained on proper decision-making
  • The need to address the phenomenon of depending on religious and cultural myths and on stars prediction of the future.
  • To establish centers supported by competent cadres to provide support and advice based on sound scientific grounds.
  • To extend charity endowment(waqf) and civil society organizations to support teachers and enable them to exercise their role to deter the manifests of extravagance and luxurious lifestyle in social and public events.

And finally, the importance of volunteer work was stressed, which opens great prospects for individuals personal skills development and the formation of the final shape of one’s resume, which is considered as success ticket in public and professional life and also helps in the establishment of strong and cohesive communities.