Amal Al-Saffar .. First young Bahraini to set foot on Southern Pole “Antarctica”

Amal Al-Saffar .. First young Bahraini to set foot on Southern Pole “Antarctica”

Environmental Citizenship Program ECP of Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development BWA strongly believes in the role of youth in leading changes at various levels as well as their distinct abilities to influence their communities positively.  For this reason, on the 7th July 2013,  ECP invited Ms. Amal Al Saffar, the first young Bahraini lady who made it to the Southern polar region of  “Antarctica”. She inspired the audience; mostly young, by sharing her unique journey to Antarctica and what she has learnt from it. This was showcased through a video presentation showing exciting stop overs and phases from the lowest spot in earth and the trip objectives thereon.

It is worth mentioning that 80 young people from all over the World are selected to participate in this journey each year as part of the Youth Ambassadors Program for Antarctica until the year 2041.  Reasons for which is to encourage youth to explore this uninhabited, dry and cold continent on the face of the Earth. 

The 21-year-old college student has passionately drawn the audience attention to the forgotten Continent at the bottom of the World. During her interesting and inspirational presentation, Amal highlighted some exciting facts about Antarctica as being the fifth-largest continent in the World which contains 90% of the snow in the World and 70% of its water. The UN 1961 Antarctica Treaty, article 4, does not recognize, dispute nor establish territorial sovereignty claims of Antarctica and is considered as natural preservation. Sadly with the re-opening of the Antarctica File in 2041, the Continent will be exposed to the threats of investors or influential countries that may threaten the peaceful and tranquility of this Continent.

At the end of her presentation, Amal emphasized on the tenacious need for people to be aware of the size of the problems that may arise if human tamper with this Continent as Antarctica has a larger role than most continents in maintaining Earths heat and water level. Amal requested the audience to adopt behaviors that will help reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources such as water, as well as natural gas through the rationalization of electricity consumption. She also called on the need to reduce reliance on plastic bags and instead replace the same with paper or canvas/fabric reusable bags due to the fact that plastic materials need hundreds of years to decompose. She assured the young audience that simple every day-to-day eco-friendly behaviors will have great impact in preventing Earths temperature to rise and ice to melt to preserve one of the last immune systems of the Planet Earth.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that BWA aims, through its varied activities and programs, to raise communitys awareness on global issues particularly environmental ones. BWA is working constantly to spread a culture that urges collective social responsibilities towards maintaining the Earths natural resources and its sustainable development.



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