“An Award, a Song … and Hashtag Campaign” “Environmental Citizenship Program”  Celebrates the World Environment Day with Distinctive Activities

“An Award, a Song … and Hashtag Campaign” “Environmental Citizenship Program” Celebrates the World Environment Day with Distinctive Activities

The Environmental Citizenship Program (EPC) of Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA), celebrated the World Environment Day on 5th of June, knowing that the theme for this year was “go wild for life” aiming to highlight the crimes and damages committed against wildlife, causing many species to go extinct,  and  undermines the economies, and ecosystems due to the illegal Trade in Wildlife.

Mona Alalawi Head of the Environmental Citizenship Program (EPC) stated that the World Environment Day is an important occasion for the program to raise public awareness on environmental issues and encouraging them to participate in the values-based activities.  At the global level, several environmental organizations have opened the registration of planned activities to share with people all over the world their plans, and to benefit from each other’s experiences. BWA has registered the activities it launched on the World Environment Day in several environmental websites and social media, these were: the environmental film award, environmental song and the Hashtag campaign.

Mrs. Alalawi  detailed the EPC activities,  of which the most significant is the environmental film award, aiming to raise awareness about specific environmental issues while engaging and utilizing the youth  capabilities in producing environmental short films regarding: “Climate change impacts”, “Responsible consumption for sustainable living”, or “Importance of biodiversity to the ecosystem”. The films are intended to enhance cultural and behavioral dimensions towards Environmental Protection. Prize money will be awarded for the four best films offered by HSBC Bank, where the 1st prize is $1,500. The winners will be announced two months after the competition launching date.

EPC launched a photo campaign “IT Has Rights”, which aims to respect the right to life to all living beings, and to recognize the important role they play in maintaining the ecological balance. The campaign urges not to deliberately harm any living being doing no harm or threat to us. EPC uploaded a photo in BWA’s social media accounts that reflects the objective of the campaign and called to join either by reposting or uploading a new photo using the hashtag:  “#ItHasRights”.

The program also released an album of environmental songs,  the first entitled  “The Universe, My Big Garden,” where its words reflects the relationship between human beings creatures, and the universe, and how the nature’s beauty brings joy and inspiration. The song has been uploaded in BWA YouTube channel.

Alalawi concluded that the purpose of these diversified activities is to bring ourselves into a closer harmony with our values, and deepen our concerns and self-discipline for preserving diversity. Also, the different activities attract different age groups with wide-open opportunities to use modern methods and techniques to express their environmental concerns. The ECP initiatives had positive interaction, and there is still time to contribute in the photo campaign, or to participate in the environmental film for those who want to show commitment to their values and responsibility in protecting the environment and to leave a mark of their presence in such field.

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