Awarding the winning schools in implementing “Instilling Universal Knowledge” project

Awarding the winning schools in implementing “Instilling Universal Knowledge” project

Be-Free Program awarded the winning schools and kindergartens in implementing  “Instilling Universal Knowledge” project, and appreciated their efforts despite the very short time between the launching of the project, at the end of March this year, and the World Day for Cultural Diversity on 21st May, which was the last occasion the project celebrates in the current academic year.

Many schools and kindergartens have implemented parts of the project in many areas such as training workshops, academic-life linking process, and International days, which are all explained in details in the project documents on Be-Free website that can be downloaded for free for any academic organization.

The winning schools and kindergartens achieved the requirements in the four areas: the most interactive, the most creative, most successful experiences, and the most effective teacher. The winning schools and kindergarten are:

Aali Primary School for Boys, Nuwaidrat Primary School for Girls, Al Zahraa Primary School for Gilrs, Sitra Intermediate School for Gilrs, and Al Hanan Kindergarten.

The schools shared with Be-Free their experiences and success stories in the form of reports, photos, songs, and their creative works in implementing the project.



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