Bahrain Women Association celebrating Earth day with kindergartens

Bahrain Women Association celebrating Earth day with kindergartens

In March 2012, Environmental Citizenship Program (ECP) team of Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA) conducted thorough introduction and training for participant teachers of various Kindergartens in the Kingdom on understanding and implementing the “My Environment Unit” concepts and activities for their respective Kindergarten.

The live implementation of the Unit took place during the first 2 weeks of April 2012 and concluded on April 22 which coincided with the International Earth Day Celebrations.

The KGs implemented the Unit were Sedrat Al Asafeer Renaissance, Kids World and Al Najah for Grades One and Two children aging 4 – 51/2 years.

Mrs. Fatima Frutan, Director of ECP, advised that kindergartens have celebrated the Earth Day with the presence of some of ECP team members between April 19th – 26th 2012. During the celebration, ECP expressed their admiration and appreciation to the Kindergartens that were devoted to presenting and preparing for the Unit in a very short period despite being overwhelmed with their own educational programs with other international events, this clearly reflects the interest of the community, especially educators, on raising environmental awareness.

Children have participated in the celebration with various creative activities (for e.g. drawing and painting, recycling wastes, hand crafts’ corner, environmental songs, wearing green clothes as symbol of nature, saving a place for compost in the kindergarten’s garden and many more. The Principles of the kindergartens thanked ECP for the efforts and follow ups which contributed to the success of the Unit implementation which had positive impact on children.

On the other hand, the Program leader of My Environment Unit; Mrs Jehad Jaafar advised that the celebration and the program aim to enhance the community awareness in a creative manner and avoid the traditional approaches especially at homes and schools, it is to pave a unified universal relationship between human being and all components of the environment (plants, animals, air, water).

Ms. Jaffar has emphasized on the importance of the regular visits to the kindergartens to ensure the soundness and accurateness of implementing the Unit activities to reinforce the principals and values on children and KG teachers.

It is worth mentioning that this event comes along with a series of meetings to introduce the environment curriculum of the Program, it also reflects the cooperation between the association and different educational institutions in order to raise the environmental awareness to the most important group in the community, the children, our future generation!.




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