Bahrain Women Association- for Human Development (BWA)  participated in “Women and Judiciary” training program

Bahrain Women Association- for Human Development (BWA)  participated in “Women and Judiciary” training program

During the opening ceremony of the training program «Women and Judiciary» held by Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights under auspices of the Dutch embassy in 19-20 February 2012, speakers confirmed the importance of women in the judicial body to achieve social justice and equality between men and women, they also stressed that emotions are not an obstacle for female judge especially the that this attribute is related to both men and women.
BWA Vice-President Dr. Al-Baharna stated in her participation in the training: “women are present today in the executive and legislative branches, so why don’t we close the triangle with her participation in judicial branch? Why don’t we give her the opportunity and witness what happens. We might discover that we lost a lot by preventing the representation of women in judicial branch, time is not on our side, and we need to activate the capacities of all sectors of society, men and women, young and old to advance our nations.

She added: “We reject guardianship, whether from parents, government or the clergy, yet we practice it at home on our children and with more intenseon women: wife, sister or daughter. A woman is surrounded by more than one guardian controlling her life. Why don’t we give her freedom to make her own decisions? We need advisement “advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience”, the advisement mentioned is to truth and not to something else!

All religions are based on the advisement principle and not on guardianship over people!

If the constitutions and legislation, don’t transform the culture of advisement into action, it will remain just ink on paper! Or just a culture in a stationary state on the political margin.

Dr. Al-Baharna concluded “ Kuwaiti women should defend their own legitimate rights and continue campaigns calling for their presence in judicial sector, as they succeeded in gaining back their rights to political participation, and others.”

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