Bahrain Women Association-For Human Development (BWA) wins the award of social responsibility

Bahrain Women Association-For Human Development (BWA) wins the award of social responsibility

Under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoom, the president of the civil aviation and the CEO of Emirates Group and Dubai Airport,  the” Arab’s award of social responsibility for organizations” fourth forum held in Dubai on the 26th of October 2011.

Both Mrs. Saba Al Asfoor BWA’s president and her deputy Dr.Wajeeha Al Baharna attended to receive the award allocated for civil society’s organizations of the GCC, as Bahrain Women Association-For Human Development (BWA)  got the highest grade among that category.

This award was to honor those organizations from different sectors, governmental, private, civil society’s and best projects and practices which seek to achieve sustainable development and enhance their responsibilities towards the society and its environment, in addition to creating a better economical value through performing the best practices to involve all stakeholders in the area without exploiting the difficult circumstances going on in that area.

Also participated in that event a large number from the UAE’s governmental sector, others from the private sector, large, small and medium sized companies from the whole area, in addition to civil societies participants of that contest.

Sessions held covered three main topics, the first was economical, second was environmental and the last was about the society.

Bahrain Women Association-For Human Development (BWA)  participated after receiving an initiation from the Emirates Environmental group to create a strong partnership with them based on the principal of “the common environment”, and to be a good example of the NGO’s partnerships in the region and specially in the GCC another reason for this participation was to cross a major milestone the society set for itself for Global peace, as it’s one of the society’s main objectives, not just to live it, but to improve it, to create  a world full of peace, love and forgiveness.

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