Bahrain Women Association Launches “Women Embracing Peace” Project

Bahrain Women Association Launches “Women Embracing Peace” Project

Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA) launched its project “Women Embracing Peace”, as women are the most affected by conflict and dispute situations, and to emphasize on the importance of woman’s full involvement and active participation at all levels and stages of peace processes.

The project aims to: disseminate the culture of peace and “inner peace”; family rising to be in line with peace values; empowering women’s capacity building and knowledge management to take their role as promoters in peace building and keeping, taking into consideration gender mainstreaming at all stages.
The project necessitated deep knowledge in different issues related to women and peace processes such as: reconciliation, dialogue, and women’s role in conflict resolution, and in ending conflict and wars. BWA looked into most most-cited treaties and International conventions that promotes women’s role in peace processes, such as resolution 1325, the first Security Council resolution to address the disproportionate and unique impact of armed conflict on women.

BWA’s project fulfills the requirements which the region needs in this painful reality that requires the involvement of all to set up the foundations of peace and to end the violence and conflicts, in particular women’s’ role -especially mothers and caregivers- that has significant impact. Hence, the project (Women Embracing Peace) was named due to women’s capability to incubate and take care of peace with a driven desire to promote security and peaceful living for their families and communities.
The project is composed of different activities such as workshops, seminars to raise awareness and publicize the culture of peace and the role of women in peace processes, as well as communications, and alliance building between
women’s groups and organizations.

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