Bahrain Women Association observes Ramadan in different way

Bahrain Women Association observes Ramadan in different way

In preparation for the holy month of Ramadan and the environmental values it holds and promotes, the Environmental Citizenship Program (ECP) under Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development conducted a number of interactive workshops. Women in social gatherings were the targeted group in both Busainteen and Hamad Town.

Overconsumption and the confusion between “needs” and “wants” were the topics discussed in one of the workshops. The concepts were explained to highlight the fact that “needs” are basic elements that any person would require to survive. On the other hand, “wants” are elements that the survival of person does not depend on. In fact, those who often over-consume would jeopardize their basic “needs” to fulfill their “wants”. In addition, the influence of the surrounding environment and social pressure, tends to categorize the “wants” as “needs”, leading to overconsumption.

In an attempt to make the workshop more beneficial where participants can contribute as individuals to create a positive change in the society, practical solutions and real-life examples were presented for effective means of reducing consumption. For example: methods of waste sorting of recyclable materials (plastics, paper and metals) were explained, and the collection points available in Bahrain for recyclable materials were mentioned. This is mainly to promote environmental awareness and responsibility in easy and simple ways to implement.

Moreover, another practical solution was the “home composting” with step-by-step illustrated instructions. In addition, participants were trained on how to make homemade organic pesticides from fruits and vegetables in a safe and easy manner.

The positive interaction of the audience reflected their understanding of the importance of implementing environment concepts in their homes and community, especially at this time of the year were preparations are taking place for the holy month of Ramadhan. Generally, in Ramadan people tend to overconsume under the excuse of “fasting requirements”.

The Environmental Citizenship Program wishes everyone a happy and blessed fasting and emphasizes that the essence of fasting is by reducing consumption and saving resources because it is our responsibility.