Bahrain Women Association Reviews its Main Activities & Projects

Bahrain Women Association Reviews its Main Activities & Projects

Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA)organized a gathering for its members on August 28th 2013, as to highlight the most important outputs and updates of its programs on a regular basis, and to share among the members the successful experiences and ideas of BWA’s three main programs in implementing their objectives.

At the beginning of the gathering, “Unbounded Women” Program presented the programs’ action, and operational plan for the goals that have been set for each project. In addition, they explained the communication mechanism used to achieve and accomplish an effective and organized work. Next, “Environmental Citizenship Program” (EPC), addressed the mechanisms used to implement both the action plans and the evaluation process. In addition, ECP highlighted the members’ enthusiasm to develop their competence in ECP’s projects and in the Management Rotation Program to empower the team’s skills.

Finally, “Be Free” Program presented the major upcoming projects and related preliminary action plans. “Be Free “ also highlighted the current programs which its outputs (workshops and training manuals) have spread across the Kingdom and beyond.

At the end of each program’s presentation, members were provided with the opportunity to ask questions or present their recommendations.

 The gathering achieved a great response by BWA members, therefore it was decided to conduct more gatherings to update BWA members and qualify them represent BWA at any event.

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