Bahrain Women Association trains the teachers on “My Environment Unit”

Bahrain Women Association trains the teachers on “My Environment Unit”

Affirming the principal of social partnership and to spread environment principals specially to kindergartens, Environmental Citizenship Program ECP of Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development BWA has presented a training workshop to introduce “My Environment Unit” guide and the how it should be implemented to a number of teachers in Hewar International School on Wednesday 20th of June 2012.

The training contained many interactive activities to help the teachers to grasp the guide contents and feel its importance specially to kindergarten children.

“My Environment Unit” is considered as a unique environmental curriculum prepared by ECP to be taught in kindergartens to help children understand environmental principals in an easy and creative way that could raise children’s environmental awareness. The unit contains many activities that suit the other units usually implemented in the kindergarten level because it has linguistic, sports, cognitive, sensory, dynamic and scientific activities. The unit implementation period is two weeks as per Montessori curriculum for kindergarten level 3 -5 years old.

The unit is being implemented in many kindergartens throughout the past 10 years and it was highly admired by the teachers and the parents after noticing the positive impact on children, this encouraged kindergartens which cares about the environment  to adopt this unit.

Hewar International School teachers’ have stressed on the benefit and knowledge they gained from the “My Environment Unit” training workshop and their interest to start implementing the unit for the school kindergarten students.

It’s worth mentioning that the unit implementation will take place at the same period of the international earth’s day on 22nd of April every year, this will end with an environmental celebration for the children supported by ECP team.


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