Bahrain Women Association(BWA) Launches Training Manual for Youth on Culture of Peace

Bahrain Women Association(BWA) Launches Training Manual for Youth on Culture of Peace

Among different activities and projects that BWA is working on to promote the culture of peace among youth, and after completion training of more than 200 trainees from different age groups inside and outside Bahrain, BWA launched a Training Manual focused on youth of both sexes entitled “Sustainable peace, from  inside out”, the training manual aims to train trainers in the field of spreading the culture of peace, this was stated by head of Women Program in BWA engineer Asma Rajab.

She added: “The directory covers three main topics, starting with definition of the culture of peace and inner peace, then discussing how to practice peace in our daily live, finally review of ways and means to promote peace”, Ms. Rajab also mentioned in the context of her talk about manual content “The manual includes many exercises and real life experiences and examples that have been carefully prepared to suit the target group, it also contains set of guidelines that helps the trainer to effectively conduct the training workshop “.

With respect to upcoming activities BWA intends to implement in this regard, Ms. Rajab said, “BWA continues conducting intensive training workshops on the culture of peace, as well as preparing to implement variety of training workshops, including specialized training workshop on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on role of women in achieving peace, and other training workshops on the culture of “tolerance” in society ”

It is noteworthy that BWA carried out series of activities and projects on the culture of peace through “Women embracing peace” project, a project which aims to spread the culture of peace, empowering women and build their knowledge and managerial skills to enhance their effective role in peace building and peacekeeping, support and advocate inclusion of women in decision-making and negotiation positions in peace processes, emphasis on gender mainstreaming in all stages of peace processes.


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