Be-Free Launches “Me and the Other” Project

Be-Free Launches “Me and the Other” Project

Be-Free and in partnership with the British Embassy, launched “Me and the Other” project that aims at encouraging a culture of having universal human values as a foundation and base of dealing with the other who can be different in shape, or color, or belief, or any other differences.

The British Ambassador Iain Lindsay and his wife Bridget attended the launch, and the two workshops that were taking place, one for children and one for teens, and learned about the outcomes of the project. The following link is for the UK embassy in Bahrain website with the news about the project.

“Me and the Other” Project is based on 9 concepts: Each person respects himself  and respect others, The opinion of every person is respected and the opinions of others too, Learning from differences,  Identifying the common grounds and building on them, Start conversations with the best in the other, Empathy with others and respect their feelings, Wishing for the other what we wish for ourselves, Developing the society together, and Tolerance is a value that we  adopt in life.

The “Me and the Other” project comes in two phases, the first for children and teens, and the second for parents, adults, and caregivers. Phase one comes with many deliverables that will be announced successively, such as a story for children about dealing with the other, a book for teens that encourages them to work with others who are different than them in a way that transcends and develop their character and their community, taking into consideration the main challenges in dealing with others.

Among the deliverables for phase one are two training manuals for trainers, one for children’s workshops, and the other for teens, each containing 9 workshops built on the 9 main concepts of the project. The workshops in each manual are developed in a way that suits the targeted age groups, and at the end of the project these deliverables will be available on Be-Free website.

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