Be-Free Participates in Mother and Child Exhibition

Be-Free Participates in Mother and Child Exhibition

Be-Free Program of Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development participated in mother and child exhibition that was held during the period 21-23 January, at Bahrain International Exhibition Center.

The program’s corner was lively and active, with storytelling and mini-workshops. The storytelling was for the story “Salem and the smart crayons”, which is one of Be-Free new publications that stresses on some of the key protection from abuse concepts in a fun and interactive way. There were different mini- workshops for children as well, one was “I’m a respectful, smart, and strong child” that shows the children how inhumane bullying is, and the importance of replacing it with respectful, and helpful acts and words.

The second workshop was “I’m strong, smart, and safe child”, which is a mini-workshop that aims at conveying some of the important protection from abuse concepts for children. This mini-workshop was requested the most.

Total number of children who attended the workshops and the storytelling sessions were 90 children. Moreover, there was a coroner for Be-Free publications, where parents’ publications were disseminated, and children’s publications such as “Salem and the smart crayons”, the coloring book, and other booklets were disseminated to children.

A workshop for parents titled “The role of parents in protecting children from abuse” was conducted on the sidelines of the exhibition, where the human value of the child and its importance was discussed, along with its relation with the venerability of the children, and the different ways that help in protecting them.