Be-Free participates in the ninth forum for woman

Be-Free participates in the ninth forum for woman

Be-Free Program participated with a paper titled “From Disabled Human to Human with Disability…Protection and Personality Building” in the Ninth Forum for Woman around “Strategies of Protection from Violence for Children with disability” that was organized by Friendship Society for the Blind during the period 29-30 December 2012.

The paper focused on an important concept which is moving from the perspective of “Disabled Human”, in which the disability is considered the first identity of the child or teen and then his humanity, to the perspective of “Human with Disability” in which his/her identity as a Human comes first. In the first perspective, the child or teen is treated in a way to adjust with the disability and minimize the challenges as much as possible, but with the second perspective, we focus on the Human traits that includes education, personal development, social participation, creativity, and participation in change.

The paper has also covered the common perspectives of parents of children with disability, such as feeling petty towards the child with disability and apprehension of his future, or feeling ashamed of his disability in the public, or chronic feelings of guilt, or blaming others, or any other perspective that has negative effect on the self-esteem of children with disability which intern will make them more vulnerable to different types of abuses. These negative perspectives does not affect the child or teen only, but the family dynamics in dealing with everything related to the disability as well. It also spills to the community to deprive it from the capabilities and energies that could have a positive effect.

The paper raised Human Outlook against these perspectives of children with disability, as they are complete humans regardless of their disability, and not being able to do certain things does not detract their humanity. Therefore, they have the right to enjoy all their human rights such as education, development, social sharing, and other rights.



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