Be-Free Program conducts “I learn from differences” workshop

Be-Free Program conducts “I learn from differences” workshop

Be-Free Program conducted a training workshop titled “I learn from differences” for students of  Hamad Town Intermediate and Secondary School for Girls. The workshop aims at helping participants to understand the aspects they can learn from differences, think of how learning from differences can influence both their day to day lives, and their feelings towards others who are different.

“I Learn from Differences” is the third training workshop in a series of workshops in “Me and the Other” project that aims at building more respect and tolerance with the “different other”, and instilling the concept of learning and growing by differences and building on similarities. The series are divided into two parts, one part for children in grades 4-6, and the second part is for teens. Each part consists of 9 workshops. It is recommended that participants attend the full 9 workshops, but since this might not be possible in some cases, individual workshops can be provided.

Be-Free will continue providing these workshops among “Me and the Other” during March and April, for children and teens. To communicate with Be-Free Program regarding these workshops, you can call on +973 17242415, or email:



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