Be-Free Special Interactive Workshops

Be-Free Special Interactive Workshops

Be-Free is still conducting its various workshops to private and public schools, children and youth clubs, social centers, social and cultural gatherings, and others, in their premises, and in Be-Free building. These workshops are conducted for different age groups,  mainly children, teens, parents, and specialists in areas related to children. The special thing about Be-Free workshops is that they are interactive, and help children, teens, or adult participants to reach the conclusion themselves in fun and creative ways. Be-Free trained 226 children, 104 teens, and 42 parents during the month of November.

Moreover, since 2002 and until now, Be-Free trained 19,196 children, 6885 teens, 8246 parents, and 884 specialists in Bahrain, and other countries.

It is worth mentioning that Be-Free program developed many training manuals that details some of the training workshops, and present them in a simple and easy to follow approach, so teachers and trainers can conduct these workshops in a fun and interactive way. These training manuals can be downloaded for free from Be-Free website

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