Be the Change and Leave Your Mark

Be the Change and Leave Your Mark

The Environmental Citizenship Program in Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA) presented a series of training workshops under the slogan “Be the Change and Leave Your Mark”. The workshops were conducted during the summer holidays in July 2017 for middle and high school students.

The series began, by hosting Dr. Waleed Zubari – Professor of Water Resources Management at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), whom presented a lecture on the importance of water sustainability in general, and in Bahrain in particular, and how it is a shared responsibility.

The second and third workshops were interactive workshops conducted by members of Environmental Citizenship Program in BWA.

Theses workshop were: “Your Choices .. A Power to Shape the Future”, which gave practical daily life examples on overconsumption, its impacts and consequences on the global environment. The workshop highlighted: purchasing choices, as how to make the right choice to buy only what’s needed; overconsumption waste and it’s effect in the supply chain; and the prolonged pattern of overconsumption that leads to environmental degradation. The other workshop was entitled “Paint the World with Your Hands”, focused on the easiness and benefits of composting your kitchen food and garden waste. The more you produce your own compost the more you add colors and beauty to the environment by enhancing the growth of plants.

The series of workshops were concluded with “Waste is an Eternal Treasure” conducted by Mr. Hisham Al Haddad, Public Relations and Media Manager at Gulf City Cleaning Company. He highlighted the importance of recycling and its relation to consumption, focusing on recycling methods and waste classification.

(Be Change and Leave Your Mark) is a slogan for the Summer Environmental Citizenship program, which highlighted different environmental problems from multiple angles, seeking to place a greater emphasis on the role of youth, and that each of them has the power to be the role model in environmental changes and leaving his own mark.