Believing in the importance of global citizenship ….. BWA presents a workshop “The Universe, My Home”

Believing in the importance of global citizenship ….. BWA presents a workshop “The Universe, My Home”

The “Universal Environmental Citizenship Program” of Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development  presented a workshop titled “The Universe, My Home” for a group of 40 youth, girls and boys from intermediate and secondary schools age groups.

The workshop included several activities to show that we live an era where climate change is rising rapidly, and so does the earth temperature, diminishing of greenery, and death of thousands of animals, many of which are extinct, and no one lifts a finger! As we face serious challenges not only in nature, but even in human recklessness behavior, which is dominated by glutton and greed, and intends to drain the earth and abuse its resources, forgetting all laws of nature and balances set by God to maintain the sustainability of our nature.

It was pointed that there is no certified definition for (Universal Citizenship), yet it consists of three main aspects “Awareness, responsibility and belongingness to the planet”. The term Universal Citizenship focuses on the significance role of every human and that every individual “can influence” and “be influential” in the global community regardless of his/her geographical location; this should be reflected in our manners, lifestyle and the way we think, it should also push for an action towards mitigating further deteriorations in our world and seeking a better tomorrow by balancing the these aspects of life environmental, economical and social.

Participants were heavily engaged in sharing their thoughts on how a universal citizen should think and act especially after being inspired by the story of Rabeea Zeraikat; a Jordanian young man who established a sustainable livelihood  initiative in his ancestor’s rural city in Jordan (to watch the video, link
The workshop concluded with a pledge made by each participant or a group of them to start a project which will  contribute to a change in their lifestyle so they can be labeled as “global citizens” starting within their small circle that includes themselves, their families and at school to a wider range.

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