BWA attending …The IUCN ROWA 8th Regional Conservation Forum, Amman-Jordan

BWA attending …The IUCN ROWA 8th Regional Conservation Forum, Amman-Jordan

BWA’s member of the Board and Deputy president of the Environmental Citizenship Program attended the IUCN 8th Regional Forum for West Asia which was held from 10th to 12th Nov, 2015 in the Jordanian capital Amman.

In his opening speech, Mr. ZHANG Xinsheng, President of the IUCN, spoke in depth about the Universal laws which rules the nature and the universe as a whole. He expressed his disappointment for the deviation of the values ​​and humanity in general for many reasons, greed and selfishness towards nature’s legacy, as one.

The new approach which the Forum aimed at this time, according to Ms. Kadhemi, was the detailed illustration on the complex structure of IUCN, which was highly appreciated by the newly joined members. In addition, members were briefed on the the objectives and the works carried by the Commissions since 2013 up to this date. Sadly, according to commissions’ representatives, the number of ROWA region members in the Commission is little compared to other regions.

The Forum held, for the first time, a sideline exhibition for various civil societies/government institutions from countries in the region, for e.g. Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, etc. The purpose was to view the most prominent activities and programs in the field of nature conservation.

I admired, said Ms. Kadhemi, the initiative of the IUCN Secretary-General, Ms. Inger Anderson in which she invited the participants for an open and valuable interactive discussion on matters concerning the challenges facing the IUCN and sharing  innovative approaches to achieve the goals and objectives and to bring about changes in matters relating to the Union. I, continues Ms. Kadhemi, suggested to seriously think on involving young people for valid reasons. They have great potentials in the field of social media and advanced technology. They certainly are more effective and prompt in communicating out the knowledge which the Union anticipates to spread Internationally in a glance of a second, let alone, this generation and the generations to come, are the key stakeholders to sustainable development – go back to Rio + 20 Forum, said Mrs. Kadhemi, and recall how the massive presence of young people gave the conference its own characteristic. Fortunately and as anticipated, Ms. Inger emphasised that involving the youth is going to be amongst the major goals for the IUCN in the coming years.

Under the sponsorship of the Minister of Environment of Jordan, a folklore show of a Jordanian Bedouin band performing the traditional Jordanian Dabka and sword dancing turned the last day of the Forum to an unforgettable evening.

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