BWA Concludes “Participative leadership” workshop

BWA Concludes “Participative leadership” workshop

BWA concluded “Participative Leadership” workshop by conducting the last session on the concepts of participatory leadership entitled “Building of Learning Partnerships”, the workshop was conducted for group of mothers and Kindergarten teachers on Saturday November 15 at the Association’s premises in Adliya.The workshop aimed to develop the concept of effective communication, In addition to the concept of strategic planning which needs the determining of vision and missions (goals).

The ‘Participatory Leadership’ program for the mentioned category aims to empower mothers and Kindergarten teachers to acquire the concepts of “social upbringing”, “social roles” and to empower leadership skills in order to develop their participations in the community.

After distributing of participation certificates by the end of the program, participants expressed their satisfaction and highlighted the benefits that they gained from the workshops. Also, they expressed their enthusiasm to participate in the upcoming workshops carried out by the BWS.


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