BWA Launches “Ethical Leadership” Project From the ability to “influence” to “influence with honor”

BWA Launches “Ethical Leadership” Project From the ability to “influence” to “influence with honor”

As part of BWA’s activities and programs related to participatory leadership over the past ten years, BWA launched the “Ethical Leadership” Project: From the ability to “influence” to “influence with honor” on Saturday, June 4th 2016 on the “Be Free” campus. The launch of this project comes after the completion of training more than 500 participants on “leadership” both locally and abroad, as stated by Dr. Wajeeha Al Baharna vice president of BWA.

She states: “This project aims to build and develop leadership capabilities, and help advance the existing participatory leadership concept that revolves around the ability to influence, to ethical leadership which is governed by values, ethics, and on the principle of “influencing with honor.”  In addition, she mentions “the concept of ethical leadership adds a new dimension to conventional leadership, and it crowns the participatory leadership program which BWA has been running for a couple of years”.

In the context of talking about the essence of ethical leadership, Dr. Al Baharna states that “while the ability to influence and its importance is common to all conventional leadership, the essence of ethical leadership hinges on the principle to “influence with honor” in the sense that the ability to influence is governed by the power of principles and ethics. Those who influence with honor are motivated and driven by ethics and the best interests of others, rather than their personal selfinterest.

With regards to the need for ethical leadership in the current situation, Dr. Al Baharna states: “we live in a turbulent world which is rapidly changing in all aspects, with noticeable moral decline and deterioration of values which lead to the deterioration of humanity. In such situations, the need for ethical leadership is stronger than ever.

During the launch ceremony a brief overview was given on BWA activities in the field of participatory leadership in previous years. Ms. Alia Yousuf,  member of BWA, briefed the participants on the journey of this project starting from ‘Rawafed Altanmya’ in 2007 as it was the beginning of their fieldwork to understand women’s needs all  the way through conducting gender and social upbringing workshops and participatory leadership workshops and now launching the ethical leadership project.

BWA concluded the launch ceremony by announcing a number of activities that will take place to spread awareness on the concept of ethical leadership through workshops and discussion panels in the near future.