BWA Launches ‘Motherhood..The Pioneer project for humanity’

BWA Launches ‘Motherhood..The Pioneer project for humanity’

On Saturday March 22nd BWA launched ‘Motherhood..The Pioneer project for humanity’ coinciding with the celebrations of family day. The launch of this project is derived from BWA interest and concern to reveal the capabilities and capacities of women’s potential, and highlight the role of these in the development of women situation and to enhance their ability to make changes.

This project aims to raise awareness of the virtue (maternity) as an internal power gifted by God in women, enable women to understand and recognize their internal potential, in particular motherhood passion, clarify and state the role of knowledge in women empowerment to own their choices and to identify their priorities, establish new state of mind which reveals the essential role of women in Nations renaissance; as was explained by the project manager Ms. Ferial Sirefi.

She added: “Motherhood is the greatest feeling within “women – Mother” and is a trait that was awarded to them same as they were granted with the pregnancy and lactation. Motherhood is not a fragile emotion, it is a feelings enriched by values and moral virtues which were confined and restricted in the small circle of the little home and children upbringing, while she was to mimic the role of prophets and reformers in developing and reforming communities” she said that ” This project seeks to revive the virtue (maternity) in the context of its broad and authentic meaning, to become a pioneer project and ethical reference for reformers and all advocates of positive change in the world. ”

At launching ceremony the idea of the project was explained and its impact in achieving a humane society and developing the situation of women in the world. At the end of the ceremony a summary of the project was distributed to the researchers and columnists in newspapers and those interested in humanitarian issues.

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