BWA organized an Introductory Meeting for its project “Women Embrace Peace”

BWA organized an Introductory Meeting for its project “Women Embrace Peace”

On the occasion of International Day of Peace at the premises of Bahrain Women Union, BWA organized an introductory meeting for the “Women embrace Peace” project on Saturday the 14th of September 2013, with the presence of other women organizations and the concerned civil society organizations. BWA announced several upcoming events related to the project, including a training workshop about the concept and culture of peace. 

In this regard, BWA indicated that the “Women embrace peace” project aims to spread the culture of “peace” and the concept of “inner peace”, family nurture based on values of peace, and empowering women and building up their capacity in knowledge and administrative skills to reinforce their active role in building and sustaining peace, with the emphasis on mainstreaming gender perspectives in all stages.

Furthermore, BWA indicated that launching this project came after a broad view of several different issues involving women and peace building, such as issues of reconciliation and dialogue and the role of women in resolving conflict and stopping wars and disputes, where BWA took note of the most prominent international conventions and treaties that reinforce the role of women in peace-building such as resolution 1325, regarded as the first resolution by the United Nation Security Council for the special needs of women in armed conflicts.

As for the most important things the project can achieve for women, BWA emphasizes empowering women and building their capacity in new and specialized areas to qualify them for taking an active and key role in the peace-building process, as well as incorporating the innate values of women to achieve social peace.

At the end of the meeting, publications related to the project were distributed, including the projects booklet “Women embrace peace.” Additionally, BWA announced its participation in the  “Women speak out for peace” campaign, which is a global media campaign organized by the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) to highlight the role of women as peacebuilders and agents of change, and to demand greater accountability to resolutions related to women, peace and security (WPS).

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