BWA participated in (CoNGO) Board & Working Group Meetings in New York City

BWA participated in (CoNGO) Board & Working Group Meetings in New York City

Mrs. Meena Kadhimi, BWA Board Member and Head of Information and International Relations Department attended the NGO’s with consultative status at the United Nations (CoNGO) board  meeting and the substantive committee & working group meetings, during the period from February 9to 11, 2012 in New York City.

Mrs. Kadhimi has participated in the monthly seminar held by the CoNGO Substantive Committee on Sustainable Development( CoNGO-CSD), presented by Mr. Henry de Cazotte, Special Advisor to Executive Coordinator of UNCSD 2012  Rio+20.

Mrs. Kadhimi was highly welcomed being the first to represent the Arab Region in CoNGO Executive Committee on Sustainable Development. Its worth mentioning that BWA was elected as a member of the CoNGO-CSD Executive Committee in October 2011.

It was good opportunity for BWA to attend the Monthly Meeting of CoNGO-CSD Executive Committee to identify the mechanisms of actions to be taken by BWA, it was decided that BWA should take the role of communicating with organizations affiliated to the Committee prior to the related events of the United Nations.

Mrs. Kadhimi also participated in both meetings of the Working Group on Substantive Committees and the Working Group on UNCSD 2012  (“Rio + 20”). The later, discussed the opportunities that enables CoNGO to maintain good communication with the organizations participating in the summit as to: assist them in organizing, participating effectively, and enabling them with means to convey their recommendations to reach best economic and social policies to all nations on the earth. BWA has offered to contribute in the CSO Forum to be held as a parallel event to the Rio 20+, to enhance the culture of Earth Charter principles, adopted by BWA “Environmental Citizenship” Program.

During her presence Mrs. Meena Kadhimi attended the CoNGO board meetings discussing the fiscal budget proposed for 2012 – 2013, challenges facing the organization, and effective solutions. The Board of Directors agreed to monitor the means by which the recommendations are executed. BWA presented a number of initiatives- subject to availability of resources- to promote its role as a member in the CoNGO Board of Directors.


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