BWA participates in  “Women and the Dynamics of Social Transformations” forum

BWA participates in “Women and the Dynamics of Social Transformations” forum

On the  occasion of  Bahrain Women day on December 16th  2015, BWA president Dr.Wajeeha Al Baharna participated in round table discussion forum invited by “Bahrain Debate” who organized the forum along with Society of Sociologists which was held on November 30th  in Bahrain Engineers Society in Jufair. The forum discussed the topic of “Citizenship and Personal Status Law”, Dr. Wajeeha participated with an intervention titled “Do women enjoy full or incomplete citizenships” in which she spoke about the importance of committing to obligations since it is a priority over claiming rights, as when individuals commit to their obligations the rights will come subsequently,  she also mentioned the importance of  being aware of  the meaning of Global Citizenship where people become global citizens is when they adhere to global standards of  humane qualities, through advancing sense of responsibility, and enhancing their awareness and feelings of belonging to this globe, and to encourage them to demonstrate this belonging practically through adopting positive thinking and ultimate behavior patterns in various domains such as economic, social, environmental … etc.

Ebtisam Zaid also participated in the discussion forum on the topic “Women Political and Economic Participation”, she indicated that Arab legislator does not see women as full-fledged human being, nor full-fledged citizen, she called for empowerment of women to reach to Electoral lists to win in parliament elections.

The forum aimed to discuss the Bahraini women’s status in terms of political and economic participation, and personal status law and citizenship and other related issues trying to come up with new ambitious solutions to overcome challenges that Bahraini women face in getting equal citizenship rights. All related civil societies, activists, women societies, academics, legal experts and young people, journalists and politicians had participated in the forum.



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