BWA participates in  “Women Rights after Arab Spring Where are we at?” forum

BWA participates in “Women Rights after Arab Spring Where are we at?” forum

Ms Meena Kadhimi – Board member and Head of Public and International Relations- from BWA, participated in the “Women Rights after Arab Spring Where are we at?” forum organized by Jordanian Center For Civic Education(JCCE) which took place in Amman during the period 2-3 June 2015, in presence of specialists, and representatives of civil society institutions and organizations in Amman and other Arab countries.

Speakers papers in general addressed the status of Arab women in light of the current transformations and developments, and the impact of this reality on their life. The status of women, their rights and their political participation in the Arab countries was also touched upon.

Ms.Kadhimi emphasized in her presentation, that the reality of women, whether in Bahrain or in any other country is determined by women themselves, there are unfair discriminatory laws and legislation,  however her reality is not determined by those laws and regulations nor recent events, yet she is now faced with new challenge in which she has to get involved in various fields having limited choices.  Therefore, what does woman want?  and, what change would she like to achieve? is still within her choices.

She added; the Arab world today faces media and cultural attacks targeting their culture and identity, there are fanatic  intellectual trends, extremist movements that target women seizing and confiscating their rights under religion name, which makes it crucial for women’s organizations to assess current situation and study the violations caused by those movements and occurrence  of new issues which never existed before, hence rearrange their priorities accordingly.

At the end of her presentation, Ms. Kadhimi emphasized that BWA think it is very important for civil society organizations to undergo a comprehensive assessment process of how they work; in terms of objectives and issues addressed, and dealing with current events and  happenings, and making sure they don’t submit to increasing calls for confrontation, violence, and separation prevailing today, this will help in setting priorities for this phase.

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