BWA participation in IVLP – Engaging Citizenry through Social Media

BWA participation in IVLP – Engaging Citizenry through Social Media

Bahrain Women Association for Human Development participated through its head of Media division,  Mrs. Meena Kadhimi, in the International Visitor Leadership program, organized by the Cultural Affairs Department of the US State Department within the framework of cultural and knowledge exchange between communities.

The program (June 13-July 4, 2015) included a visit for 33 foundations within four US states, of which 6-governmental, 16 non-governmental and 11 media organizations. The objective of this program is to identify new and diverse ways in the media and social networks, and how to use social media in the promotion of transparency and credibility in the public and private sector, as well as how to deal consciously and efficiently with the information available on the Internet.

Participants enjoyed the exchange of innovative experiences of several institutions and organizations in the field of media and social networking. To name one, the concept of performing work out of the office using the technical and social network communication tools and without the need to commit to a specific location or specific working days and hours which known as “telework”. Another example is the promotion of development projects through organizations using smart technologies and social media networks to seek support for the financing of such projects, for example, projects with nature dimension that contribute to the preserving of the environment in the country.

It is anticipated that participants transfer the expertise earned to the organizations to which they belong, and this being said, our Media Division, in its continuous efforts to fulfil its desired level of ambitious, is currently working on developing its media strategy based on the fruitful experience gained during the IVL program.

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