BWA President Participates In the sixtieth Session of the CSW in New York

BWA President Participates In the sixtieth Session of the CSW in New York

Dr. Wajeeha Al-Baharna BWA President participated in the sixtieth Session of CSW( Commission on the Status of Women) in New York, held from 14 to 24 March 2016. ‘Empowerment of women and sustainable development’ was the main theme of the meeting this year. “CSW” is considered as a technical committee of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, which was founded in 1946 and is considered as the basic principal body devoted exclusively to consider global policy-making with regard to equality between sexes and the advancement of women.

Dr. Al-Baharna was among the speakers at the meeting organized by the “Global Campaign for equal citizenship rights” entitled (the movement for equal citizenship rights for women: Lessons Learned) where she gave a presentation on the efforts of the National Campaign for citizenship in the Kingdom of Bahrain to amend the Nationality Law to ensure the right of Bahraini women in granting citizenship to their children, and the lessons learned.

Al-Baharna also made an intervention at high-level dialogue session between the Ministers for building alliances for implementation of Gender-Responsive Sustainable Development agenda 2030, Where she introduced three successful practices in which they applied the principle of multi-partnership between stakeholders, and build alliance for three women’s rights issues in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which yielded positive results, Issuance of the Domestic Violence Act, and issuance of the family law (Sunni part) are an examples of such positive results.

With regard to the nationality law, the intensive efforts made by the National Campaign for Citizenship in coordination with concerned authorities has resulted in adoption of some measures that have been taken by the official authorities such as exemption from health and educational fees, and other government services fees, like resident permit fees. Also issuance of two Royal decrees to grant citizenship to a number of Bahraini women sons married to non-Bahraini. The efforts are continuing to give Bahraini women full citizenship right to grant their children citizenship.

Also, Dr. Al-Baharna attended many important sessions that shed light on the relationship between women’s empowerment and sustainable development, including “The Power of legislation and its impact on women’s empowerment and sustainable development” organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the United Nations for women.