BWA Publishes Guideline Manual on Marriage preparation

BWA Publishes Guideline Manual on Marriage preparation

Among various activities and projects that BWA (Bahrain Women Association for Human Development) is implementing to rectify various concepts related to successful marital relationships and best preparation for marriage, BWA launched a directive guideline for youth and singles  planning to get married titled “Give an Essence for your Marital Life”, the manual intends to guide singles on how to be prepared for new marriage life, Engineer Asma Rajab head of Women Program in BWA stated.

She added, “The manual touches upon the concept of the of moral/spiritual preparation, and its importance for establishing marital life filled with love, peace and free from misery, it also encloses some guidelines to be discussed between partners pre-marriage”. In the context of her talk about manual  content she clarified: “the manual also includes explanation to the concept of priorities, having mutual understanding and agreement around common priorities between partners pre-marriage would lead to stability and peace in married life, and will reduce any tension or minor disagreements caused from false expectations”, Ms. Rajab concluded by stating the importance of getting prepared for marriage to reduce the marital disagreements and divorce, saying:” misunderstanding is the tragedy for lots of people, before and during the marriage, and the reason for their failure! Majority of problems faced by marital relations is due to lack of preparation for marriage. ”

It is noteworthy that publishing this manual is part of a series of educational booklets which BWA is planning to publish about marital relations and some of the prevailing concepts and methods optimized to solve marital disputes, also BWA implemented various training workshops on how to get prepared for marriage, and intends to conduct more workshops in the coming period.

Link for downloading the manual :

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