Climate Change Lecture at Jirdab Public garden By Bahrain Women Association

Climate Change Lecture at Jirdab Public garden By Bahrain Women Association

The Environmental Citizenship Program (ECP) under Bahrain Women Association for Human Development in collaboration with Tubli Charity Society presented a lecture at Jirdab Public garden discussing Climate Change on Wednesday 22 February 2017, attended by more than 90 participants.

Mrs. Jehad Jaffar, an active ECP member discussed the climate change issue, defining it and its main causes, and its dangerous effects on environment now and in the future. Mrs. Jaffar addressed the issue as a serious problem, and highlighted that human activities contribute in it directly or indirectly. Details regarding the effects were discussed such as animal and plants extinction and how climate change disrupts the ecological balance.

Mrs. Jehad also emphasized on factors contributing to the raise of climate change rates such as the replacement of agricultural lands to build urban cities in an attempt to cope with the economic boom around the world. A cycle started with the growing demand on construction and urban activates, which leads to the increasing demand on energy and, consequently higher greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints that increases the rates of climate change.

The main objective of the lecture was to raise people’s awareness about the topic, which is an issue being over looked by many and not considered as a major global issue which would affect lives around the world. Others also believe that discussing such issue is not a priority, and the responsibility should only be taken by developed countries and government officials whom have the authority to make decisions.

What distinguishes ECP is that it addresses topics in a simple way with practical suggestion putting ideas into day-to-day practice actions.

It’s worth mentioning that ECP is contributing towards goal number 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”.

The lecture was within the context of Palm tree related event in collaboration with Mr. Isa Ghanim representative of the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning. Mrs. Jehad linked the climate change issue with palm trees in the case study she presented about Gulf States and Indonesia, emphasizing on the impact of climate change on palm tree production in Bahrain.