Earth Charter’s principals included in the principals of Ministry of Finance .. Soon

Earth Charter’s principals included in the principals of Ministry of Finance .. Soon

Under the activation of Earth Charter’s Principals and to introduce a cooperative initiative between Environmental Citizenship Program in Bahrain Women Association for Human Development and Ministry of Finance. A meeting was held on Monday 13th of June 2011 between Fatima Frutan, the director of ECP and Bedoor Rajab, a member in ECP and some member in Go Green Committee in the ministry, where the head of the committee Mr. Hasan Abdulla was present and his team and others.

ECP has made a presentation about Earth Charter, its historical background as Earth Charter is a result of a decade of discussions, besides the practical aspects as a proposed project to train the ministry employees to be implemented as soon as the ministry agrees and approves the agreement and its practices. In the case of getting the approval, the Ministry of Finance will be the first ministry representing the government body in the region to implement Earth Charter’s Principals.

This exercise aims to raise the employees environmental awareness, encourage the individual sense of responsibility to Earth, link their actions and decisions with environment, activate the employees leadership skills in initiating a positive change in the work environment and the importance of that role and finally spread Earth Charter Principals to the surrounding community, besides other expected benefits to the ministry. The presentation was highly appreciated by the members of the committee as it goes along with Go Green campaign which is also within Earth Charter’s principals as follow:

1.      Respect and care for the community of life.

2.      Ecological integrity

3.      Social and economic development

4.      Democracy, nonviolence and peace

Gentlemen in ministry of Finance have also reviewed the activities and programs of the association covering the history of Bahrain Women Association with Earth Charter as it is the first association in Kingdom of Bahrain adopting Earth Charter’s principals in 2002 in the preparatory forum to Earth Summit which was held in Amman – Jordan under the patronage of Princess Basma Bint Talalans since then the Association has worked on spreading and activating Earth Chater’s Principals.

Bahrain Women Association has launched the national campaign of Earth Charter in the occasion of the Earth international day and invited societies and organizations to approves it in a celebration under the patronage of the capital   governor.

It is good to mention that the training is supposed to be presented to the ministry employees according to the nature of the ministry to empower the employees in adopting Earth Charter’s Principals.

And the initiative between Environmental Citizenship program and Ministry of Finance to activate Earth Charter’s Principals is new and aiming to reinforce the partnership between all community sectors; economical, social and environmental to achieve sustainable development.

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