ECP Joins “Think.Eat.Save” Campaign with an Eco-Friendly School

ECP Joins “Think.Eat.Save” Campaign with an Eco-Friendly School

As its yearly and on-going initiatives, Environmental Citizenship Program (henceforth: ECP) of Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA) took part in celebrating the World Environment Day on 5th June. The initiative this year was to visit an environmental club in one of Bahrain’s private school, namely Ibn Khuldoon National School. Mrs. Mahnaz Kadhemi, Deputy Head of ECP, and Ms. Roya Tariq, member gave a brief to the GO GREEN CLUB members of the School about this year’s WED campaign: “Think.Eat.Save – reduce your food-print”. They explained the purpose of the campaign which is to draw the attention of the World to the increasing volume of Food Loss & Waste during food supply chain. Students were briefed what exactly Food L&W means, besides its common meaning, technically speaking, food loss and waste refer to the decrease in mass (quantitative) or nutritional value (qualitative) of food – edible parts – throughout the supply chain that was intended for human consumption. Food that was originally meant for human consumption, but for various reasons is removed from the human food chain, is considered as Food L&W, even if it is then directed to a non-food use (feed, bio-energy).

The ECP representatives were pleased with the level of excitement and sincerity in the young members of the Club and their true desire to take part in this campaign under the leadership of their mentor, Mrs. Zahraa Dawood and guidance of ECP. This being said, both parties agreed that members of the GGC produce a short video clip report that highlights the behavior of students and teachers at the school towards the food they consume through questions directly related to the concept of Food Loss & Waste as well as to measure interviewees’ level of awareness of WED.

In its attempt to turn the School into eco-friendly system, the GGC members expressed their interest for ECP to carry out awareness workshops/ events/lectures/activities relating to persisting Environmental issues as well as International events.


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