Embracing Gender and Diversity.. ‘‘the challenges facing its application’’

Embracing Gender and Diversity.. ‘‘the challenges facing its application’’

Bringing into effect BWA for Human Development vision in empowering its members, an workshop on Gender & Diversity in the work environment was held on Wednesday 10th of April 2013. Attendees were the Environmental Citizenship Program team and a number of BWA board members. Its aim was to present the challenges facing the application of the concepts relating to gender in both Arab and western communities. 

Dr Soroor Qarooni; Vise President of BWA has stated: ‘‘ this workshop intended to define the gender concept in workplace and its importance and impact on organizations and the economy as a whole.’’

The workshop focused on gender and diversity and its levels that vary from organizational, external dimension, internal dimensions and core or personal and its impact on the decisions making process and the high importance to highlight the benefits that diversity could bring to the organization and the cost of diversity illiteracy to it.

Furthermore, the workshop explained the core factors for mainstreaming diversity and gender in the organization which are very interrelated but vary in their impact according to the level (personal , managerial or strategic) and the challenges that faces institutions and women while implementing gender diversity in the work palce.

This workshop as stated above is part of BWA’s objective to build the capacities and empower its members for them to become pioneers in the human development.  



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