Environmental Citizenship Program celebrates National Tree Week

Environmental Citizenship Program celebrates National Tree Week

The Environmental Citizenship Program of the Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development has started the celebration of International Day of Earth, in collaboration with the Manama Municipality, within the activities celebrating the Tree Week, and under the slogan “We are committed to make life” during the period between 4 to 15 March, 2012, by providing a number of workshops.

The workshop was titled “How can I be a lover of the Earth” in order to emphasize the importance of providing positive role models for the behavior of environmental excellence in order to be a moral standard defines peoples relationship to the natural environment, so as to organize this relationship in a transparent and just cares about environmental rights of future generations.

Through activities and creative exercises on several core themes and concepts that helps in focusing on harmony with the surrounding environment either at home, school or street and our role as individuals or groups to adapt to environmental changes that occur constantly in our society or the rest of the communities, whether we made the changes and excesses or it was done by the others.

Earth Charter principles were as well introduced to the students:

1.           Respect and care for the community of life

2.           Ecological Integrity

3.           Social and economic justice

4.           Democracy, Nonviolence, and peace

The workshops has targeted the students of the government primary schools in each of Alaa Al Hadrami Primary School for Boys, Fatima Al-Zahra School Primary School for Girls, Al Jazeera Primary School for Boys and Sumaya Primary School for Girls.

Those workshops are part of  series of activities and events concerned with the spreading the awareness about the Earth Charter principles to all segments of society and at all levels, and in cooperation and partnership with public and private entities.

The Manama Municipality has honored Environmental Citizenship Program by providing a certificate of appreciation and a gift as an expression of thanks for the effort made by the program to provide workshops at the closing ceremony of the Tree Week, which toke place in Andalus Garden.

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