Environmental Citizenship Program Participates in the UN DPI 46th international conference

Environmental Citizenship Program Participates in the UN DPI 46th international conference

Bahrain Women Association-For Human Development (BWA) represented by Ms.Fatima Frutan, board member and the president of the environmental citizenship’s program, participated in the UN DPI civil society’s 466th conference in the about ”sustainable societies, responsible citizens”, held in the period of September 3-5 of 2011, in Bon-Germany.

This conference was held in partnership with the German federal government, also participated the UN Volunteers and the civil society’s administrative committee in the public information sector with the attendance of Jurgen Nimptsch, Bon City’s Mayor.

It also aimed to involve the civil society’s organizations into setting specific demands to be claimed at the Earth’s Summit 20+ Rio in 2011, as it will focus on two major objectives, first is the green economic by speaking about two main subjects, one about poverty elimination and achieving sustainable development, second is achieving organization’s practical sustainable development’s.

More than 1000 people will participate in Earth Summit from world’s most countries.

ECP’s contribution in this conference was through a workshop and a discussion under the title of “Education, sustainable development and the individual’s power in achieving change”, as the Environmental Citizenship Program presented an introductory presentation about the society and the program’s work to activate world charter since 2002 and the other practical aspects which shall enhance the good values, principals, citizen’s responsibility to achieve sustainable development.

Environmental Citizenship Program Also participated in an exhibition for the whole participants and presented its publications and distributed some souvenirs.

In addition to all, Environmental Citizenship Program participated in a parallel event UNEP Regional Consultation for Europe (RCM) in preparation for UNEP’s 12th Special Session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum/ Global Major Groups, Stakeholder Forum which was held

Environmental Citizenship Program also contributed through oral participations about ensuring the importance of sustainable environmental education standing on values and principals, in addition to correcting women image in educational curriculums.

By the end of the conference they announced the EARTH SUMMIT’s 2012 recommendations.

What is worth mentioning here is that the first Earth Summit held was in RIO, 1992, which was never like any other conferences held by the UN in terms of volume and interest, yet it held a mission of nothing’s more important than changing our attitudes and traits, 10 years later, Earth Summit was hold in Johannesburg, South Africa.a.

Few other topics were discussed over there:

Chronic Poverty in the third world, population’s increase, 6 main environmental matters world is suffering from starting by Water and calling for the millennium’s goals.

And after 20 years from the first international environment conference, UN DPI is still seeking to help Governments to rethink about it’s economical development and find solutions to stop resources eliminations and pollution’s increase.

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