Environmental Citizenship Programs visiting GPIC On the Occasion of the visit of Chief of EEG as Guest of Honor

Environmental Citizenship Programs visiting GPIC On the Occasion of the visit of Chief of EEG as Guest of Honor

Ms. Mahanz Kadhemi as a representative of Environmental Citizenship Program in Bahrain Women Association for Human Development has attended the meeting organized by GPIC under the honor of Ms. Habiba Al Marashi the president of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) on the 11th of January 2012, as many other organizations were invited to brief them about the history and the journey of the CSR Award.

GPIC CEO, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawaheri gave a speech highlighting GPIC’s prominent role in environmental protection and raising awareness both management and employees, as well as their achievements towards environmental issues and charity. Ms. Habiba Al Marashi briefed the audience about CRS award which targets all sectors private, governmental and Civil society, with the best project and practices that aim to achieve the sustainable development and reinforce their responsibility toward society and environment as well as creating an economical value by adapting best practices to associate with the beneficiaries in all of the region without exploiting the difficult period the region is currently facing.

Ms. Kadhemi intervened by expressing her concern about the lack of sustainable partnership between civil societies and Corporate bodies in the Kingdom, which in return, affects developing existing projects or initiating new ones, due to uncertainty of the continuity of funding source. She further expressed that the reason, might be, lack of awareness or mis-trust towards Civil societies’ role as vital players on the development of societies in every field, as is the case in the Western countries. She further elaborated that Corporates and CS should plan together developing strategies and work in parallel to achieve such goals.

It’s worth mentioning that both Bahrain Women Association for Human Development and GPIC have won the above mentioned award in its Fourth Session on  October, as the BWA has won the First Award for Civil Society and GPIC for the medium sized organizations.


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