“Family Problems” Two Booklets to Support Students who live with Family Problems

“Family Problems” Two Booklets to Support Students who live with Family Problems

The family has a big influence on crystallizing the personality of the children and adolescents and forming their identity. All of this gets reflected on them as students at school. Family problems can have different effects on the students, and some problems have strong negative influence, therefore Be-Free issued two booklets titled “Family Problems” among the series of  the “Color Your Life with Your Choices” booklets. One addresses students, and one for the parents, to help them mitigate the negative effects on the current and future character of the students, and their academic achievements.

The students’ booklet contributes to helping them deal with family problems, and especially among parents, and look at it as a private issue between the parents that does not involve the student, and he is not part of it, even if it gets reflected on his life directly. The booklet discusses the concepts that support students to do their essential roles in focusing on their academic achievement, their success, and the positive aspects in building character, learning, and taking lessons from the current situation, Instead of taking roles that do not suit their age, can hurt their character, the way they perceive themselves  distorts the meaning of family, and affects their current and future lives negatively.

The parents’ booklet focuses on the negative aspects  by which the students are affected, when he lives in an environment with family problems, and how it affects his achievement, self- confidence, his relationship with his parents, and how it get reflected on his personality, and the way he deals with others around him at school, home, or community. The issue does not lie in the existence of problems amongst parents, as much as how they deal with these problems, involving their children, and expecting them to take actions or play a role that supports one side, or the situation in general.

The booklets are currently available in Arabic and can be downloaded from this link:


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