First Online Workshop

First Online Workshop

In an attempt to spread environmental awareness to a wider audience, the Environmental Citizenship Program under Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development conducted its first online workshop titled “Your Choices – A Power to Shape the Future” on Monday 12th June 2017.

The online workshop was presented by Mrs. Roya Tarik a member of the Environmental Citizenship Program. Several topics were discussed including: facts and figures about our world today; the difference between the concept of needs and wants; the definition of a rational consumer; and finally, a case study was discussed to illustrate the effects of over consumption on children.

15 participants enrolled in the workshop from inside and outside Bahrain after opening the online registration. The interactive nature of the workshop encouraged the participants to use the online tools and interact with each other and with the presenter. Participants comments and opinions emphasized on the rational consumption culture and its impacts on the economy and social life.  One participant highlighted that environment protection not only lies on official authorities, but it is a shared responsibility including individuals and civil society institutions as well. Participants shared their experience in environment protection and expressed their readiness to take serious actions to activate the concepts of the workshop in their communities.

The workshop emphasized on the qualities of a rational consumer who has a sense of belonging and responsibility towards the universe, making independent consumption decisions, away from wrong social habits, or the temptations of the media.

The workshop concluded promoting the idea that every individual is influential and is influenced by his/her surroundings. The choices we made will determine our influence in the world either positive or negative, therefore, what will we choose?

Will we choose to Build a better future for all, or remain irresponsible effecting the whole universe with our negligence.

It is worth mentioning that the Bahrain Women Association for Human Development tries to keep its programs and activities in line with global trends, and this online workshop “Your Choices – a Power to Shape the Future” supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goal number 12 regarding “Rational Consumption and Production Patterns”. The workshop also supports the second principle of the Earth Charter regarding methods of production, reproduction and consumption that protect earth’s potential to restore its natural resources.