Fun Summer Program with Humanistic Values for Children

Fun Summer Program with Humanistic Values for Children

Be-Free Program conducted a summer program with a variety of workshops for children.

The workshops for the month of July were titled “I’m an Influential Person” for the younger children, where they learned about the influential personality, and it is the personality that adopts Humanistic Values in life.

Moreover, children learned how to be a leader and influence others, how to utilize the available opportunities to have a positive effect in their community, and create new ones if not available.

During the month of August, the children enjoyed a series of workshops titled “I take responsibility of my life in a smart way” in which they learned to take responsibility and its importance in overcoming difficult situations that  they face, and do not allow it to hinder their journey of humanistic development. During the workshops, children worked on creating a ladder that represents their development, where every step of it represents an achievement in their lives.

The older children’s workshops discussed the use of the internet and smart devices, and how to be smart and aware while using it to avoid any harm. Cyberbullying was also covered;children learned how to protect themselves from it, how not to participate in it, and how to have a leadership role in contributing in its reduction. The third workshop was “I enter the circle of strength” where children enjoyed creating their strength circles, in which they got trained to think about different aspects of their lives that can summon their feelings of being strong especially when they need it the most.

To view photos of the workshops, visit Be-Free Program Instagram account: @befreeprogram