Honoring media Department in the Induction Meeting for BWA’s members

Honoring media Department in the Induction Meeting for BWA’s members

On May 6th of 2014, the BWA Board held its periodic consultative meeting with members of the Association. Every head of a program briefed the members with the latest developments and achievements in their respective program. They also shared with the members the projects and plans for the future and the principles and methodologies adopted by each program and the means used for the development of the work.

The floor was open to receive members’ suggestions, inquiries and proposals which have been taken into account for the study and discussion between team members of each program.

At the end, the Chairperson honored the Media Division for the development of quality in its performance in addition to its contribution in disseminating the concepts and outputs of the Association at all levels in particular via social networking, daily bulletins and news reporting, which has had a role in attracting  large number of followers and those interested in the issues relating to human development. The Chairperson recognized the Media Division’s active role in carrying out media campaigns covering UN international events that are related to the objectives of the Association’s programs in general and its projects in specific.

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