In Al Qateef third Women cultural Forum

In Al Qateef third Women cultural Forum

A paper titled “Building Women’s Leadership” was presented by Dr.Wajeeha Al Baharna, the vice president of Bahrain Women Association- for Human Development (BWA) in Al Qateef third Women forum “Women Scouts-Promising Society” held on 26 – 27 September 2011, the presentation was based on an invitation the Association received to participate in the forum. To maximize the association’s benefits president Eng. Saba Al Asfoor and other delegates from the Bahrain Women Association-For Human Development (BWA) also participated in the forum.

Dr. Al Bahrana presented her paper the first day, showed that lives of people who live selfishly, tends to be short and shrink starts when they were born and ends once they pass away. On the other hand, people dedicating their lives for others, or live for a mission, is much longer.

She also explained leadership and who should be it, spoke about leadership role models and historical stories, and tried to explain BWA’s perspective in this regards. Dr. Al Bahrana also presented the Quran’s view about leadership concept and the meaning of  ” khalifa”  or designatedrepresentative of  God, where she elaborated on its rules, defined its authorities and responsibilities.

She also showed secrets behind leadership and its essence in each individual, concentrated on the importance of using the leading skills in women and how to improve and upgrade those skills, and ended about some challenges facing women leaders.

Eng.Saba Al Asfoor, BWA’s president expressed her appreciation for all the efforts made by the active organizations who managed to organize this event and their care to make a special work on a high standard which proved the great level reached by Saudi women despite all challenges.

It’s worth mentioning that the royal decision to allow women political participation in Saudi Arabia came on the same day of the forum, which added a special to Saudi women participants, as it was a pioneer day to establish a new major phase for the Saudi women to give and fight for their rights.

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