Interactive Facilitation skills Workshop

Interactive Facilitation skills Workshop

The “Unbounded Women “program in Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA) conducted an advanced TOT course on “Interactive Facilitation Skills” on Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

Eng. Ebtisam Zaid a BWA member presented the workshop and focused on identifying both the training process elements, and the ADDIE model of five phases. She explained the elements of the training process, which takes into account the coach, how to eliminate a hotspot, establishing coach public likability, understanding how trainees think, developing coach skills for himself and for self-image (individual image of themselves), and the stages through which the coach goes through, from a beginner to practitioner to professional. The workshop emphasized on the trainer skills such as designing training models, art of speech and influencing, question asking skills, and finally listening skills.

Eng. Ebtisam explained the aim of participatory learning as its not intended to find the right answers nor to reach an agreement on something: but to explore ideas and different issues in a collective manner. She also clarified the role of a hidden leader filling the atmosphere with trust, not as a judge or expert, but presenting experiences together with the others.
This training workshop supports the program’s vision to enhance trainers efficiency, continuous improvement, and to discover owns creative aspects to develop it.

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