ITS OUR TURN TO LEAD Environmental Citizenship Program celebrating EARTH DAY

ITS OUR TURN TO LEAD Environmental Citizenship Program celebrating EARTH DAY

On 22 April, 2015 and in conjunction with Earth Day, ECP, following its annual tradition, celebrated the event with Kindergarten children, in the presence of a representative from HSBC Bank, the main sponsor of the Environment Unit Program.

The slogan of the 2015 WED, was “It is Our Turn to Lead”. The agenda included many exciting and diverse activities and shows. Teachers and children expressed their love and care for Mother Earth and its resources, each in their own way. For example, the Children of Al Safa KG gave a show on preserving the environment and eliminating pollution. Al Banafsaj KG sang a  song about pollution. Al Kheir KG presented an interesting play,, also about the Earth’s pollution and finally Al Hanan KG presented the progress stages of implanting the MEU for its children during this curriculum year.

Mr. Samir M Rabadi, COO of HSBC, who had thankfully attended the event, stressed on the importance of involving children in these kinds of events which will enhance their Environmental Education as well as involving the officials and concerned bodies in the Government to ensure wide spread of environmental awareness amongst various segments in the Society.

After three exciting hours, Mrs. Jehad Jaffar, head of the MEU Program expressed her gratitude to HSBC for its continuous support and thanked the KG participants who brought the program to life. She urged the participants and the audience to ask themselves this question, “What do we usually do on Eid days? Obviously we aim to look our best and to enjoy the day, is it not so?” enquired Mrs. Jaffar, “then why one should not perceive the status of our planet Earth in a similar way? Will it not be a good idea to consider these international celebrations on preserving the resources of mother earth and respecting its creatures as an Eid?”

The MEU Program will continue its approach in targeting KG kids in our region to fulfil its mission in spreading awareness on every aspect relating to preservation and the strengthening of one’s relation with Mother Earth.

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