Launching an interactive area for teens on social media

Launching an interactive area for teens on social media

Adolescence is a sensitive phase of life to teens, where they build their personalities, and shape their ideas and opinions based on different inputs and meanings that they perceive as important and essential. It is difficult for teens to find a space to convey their thoughts and discuss it in an open and honest way, away from indifference, criticism, ridicule and stultification and the assumptionthat they lack understanding, which may be directed at them from adults or from their peers.

Accordingly, Be-Free Program created an account on Instagram and FaceBook @befreeteen in Arabic and English, which raises issues of interest to teenagers in the form of questions for discussion and self-expression based on mutual respect. This account aims at encouraging teens to express their opinion and learn about the different opinions of others, and understand the different points of view in issues of common interest with their peers, and how to build common grounds to enrich the discussion.

Moreover, the account, contributes in widening the circle of interest of teens to expand their knowledge, awareness, and active participation in the important issues in their communities and the world.

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