“Love” A Movie From A Series of “Be-Free” Informative Short Movies for Parents

“Love” A Movie From A Series of “Be-Free” Informative Short Movies for Parents

One of the important goals of Be-Free Program is to convey the ideas and concepts that support the parents in building confidence, strong relationships with their children, creating a family environment that contributes in developing children’s personalities, and protecting them from abuse. To achieve this goal, Be-Free utilizes different ways such as conducting a variety of workshops for parents in schools, clubs, social centers, etc. And publishing informative booklets in different subjects, which get disseminated  electronically and as hard copies, in addition to the articles, and weekly cards that the program posts on different social media channels, such as instagram, twitter, facebook, and whatsapp.

One of the effective ways that Be-Free uses to distribute information is through the short movies that convey specific message to the parents with a simple and influential way. The last short movie was “Love”, which helps parents in perceiving the importance of conveying love to their children in a way that their children can understand, interact with, and encourages them to strengthen their relationship with their parents, and communicating with them.

“Love” and the other short movies can be downloaded through Be-Free website: www.befreepro.org or




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