‘Motherhood.. The Pioneer Project for humanity’ A Qualitative Research by BWA

‘Motherhood.. The Pioneer Project for humanity’ A Qualitative Research by BWA

As part of ‘Motherhood.. The Pioneer Project for humanity’ Project which was launched in March 2014, BWA launched a Qualitative Research titled ‘Motherhood.. The Pioneer project for humanity’ which aims to correct the inverted image and undermined perception of “Motherhood” concept., examine the perceptions of women’s human roles from the broad and correct understanding of the virtues of “Motherhood”,  acknowledge that the virtue of “Motherhood” is a typical characteristic of true reformers seeking reform and change, and an option that both men and women can adopt.

Asma Rajab – Head of Woman Program in BWA –  said that the launch of this research is anoutcome of two years of continuous and sincere efforts and study, the research was conducted using scientific and academic approach in data collection, analysis and reading, which makes it one of the scientific resources and important references for new researches and studies related to ‘Motherhood’ concept.

Ms. Rajab added, “We are currently in the process of preparing a plan for publishing the research in international scientific libraries and establishments, to become a scientific reference for researchers and people of interest in this field”,  she also said: “We at BWA are in the process of implementing a set of intensive training workshops starting next September, in addition to other activities aiming to spread awareness and to correct the inverted image of the concept of motherhood. ”

Visit www.bahrainwas.org to view the research.

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