“My Environmental Unit” for a correct environmental culture

“My Environmental Unit” for a correct environmental culture

“Start by improving your daily environmental practices and spread the effects thereafter to those around you,” an opening advice by  Mrs. Jehad Jaffar,  project manager of “My Environment Unit” to the kindergartens’ teachers participants. The objectives of the first stage of the project, were highlighted during the workshop held on January 10, 2015 by the Environmental Citizenship Program of the Bahrain Women Association.

Mrs. Jehad began the workshop by introducing the main projects of the Environmental Citizenship Program, namely: The Environmental Club, “Wanees” and “My Environmental Unit”. Also participants were introduced to Maria Montessori Educational method, addressing the following themes, such as linguistic, sensorial, practical, Art and social for KG kids age group 3-5 years.

The workshop consisted on two aspects, theoretical and practical, with more focus on practical side of it, for example: amazing link, what if …..?

Participants were asked, towards end of the workshop, to share their environmental experiences that reflect favorable  behavioral effects, and that inspire environmental practices in the community, and those around them in particular.

It is worth mentioning that the Environmental Citizenship Program began implementation of the project in 2002, and nearly 55 kindergartens have been trained around the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For more pictures of the workshop Click here

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